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Profesional PR & PA services since 2002.

Media Relations

As always, relations do start with a personal touch. has more than 17 years of history developing contacts with media in Lithuania, Latvia, Poland and other neighbouring countries.

As usual in PR industry, press (social) releases and press conferences still are the most common services, nevertheless personal contacts provide additional options to initiate case-by-case media investigations or exclusive publicity opportunities. When it comes to analysis and insights it is always via close cooperation with local market and opinion research, monitoring companies. That’s when we look into media and/or communication audits.

Issue / Incident / Crisis Communication

It is easy to name everything a disaster, but only seldom do we have a real crisis. A short intro about different situations – that’s a starting point for a crisis prevention planning. But problems do arise and develop. has a lengthy list of on-site consulting examples minimising the burden of the uknown. Only weeks and months later it is possible to start talking about post-crisis communication and potential positive outcomes.

Public Affairs / Issue Management

It is easy to introduce Government Relations, but it is close to impossible to provide a one-type-fits-all solution. Meanwhile PA expertise is an additional asset on side. It helps to build a holistic approach for any issue your organization or you personally might have.

It is up to us to select and suggest optimal technologies to influence defined decision makers, it is us who are in charge for integrated publicity campaigns. At the same time we do have lengthy history working with community relationship management, NGO development and protection of public interests.

From perspective Strategic Planning is part of PA. That’s why strategic analysis, positioning, tactical planning & execution is part of the whole process. And PA is no less different when we talk about monitoring systems and efficiency evaluation.

That’s also true when we talk about digital or any other new media. Independent, platform-based or owned media generation is a choice from our perspective. It’s a task to search for the most efficient solutions and develop adequate feedback monitoring systems.


Keeping in mind solid expertise and years of practice we do a lot in sharing our knowledge. Be it a crisis simulation, public speech preparation or non-verbal communication exercising – it’s up to the individual needs and requests for a tailored circumstances.

Some clients and joint initiatives

ACC Lietuva, Aktorių gildija, Alexela, Alna, Aplinkos ministerija, Avis, Avocad, Ars libri, BaltCap, BLA, BSA Lietuva, Camelia, Cesim, Credit Info Group, Demokratinės politikos institutas, E-energija, Elektronikos platintojų asociacija, Energovia, Headex, Hermis Capital, HP, IBM, Infosistema, Innovative Business Academy, Kauno apskrities moterų krizių centras, Kovos su korupcija frontas, Lenovo, Lietuvos edukologijos universitetas, Lietuvos inžinerinės pramonės asociacija LINPRA, Lietuvos mokslų akademija, Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidentas, Lietuvos smulkiųjų vartojimo kreditų asociacija, Lietuvos studentų atstovybių sąjunga, Lietuvos valstiečių ir žaliųjų sąjunga, Melnā kafija, Microsoft, Microsoft Business Solutions (ex Navision), Miesto energija, Minijos nafta, MTV Baltic, Nacionalinė lošimų ir žaidimų asociacija, Northtown, Ogmios Astra Prekyba, Omnitel, Europos Parlamento narė Ona Juknevičienė, Open24, Pavojingų atliekų tvarkytojų asociacija, Person Premier, Pramonės energija, Pedersen & Pedersen, Piliečių Santalka, Pilietinių inciatyvų centras, Radviliškio ligoninė, Europos savanorių tarnybos asociacija „Saltes“, Skolų valdymo centras, Europos Parlamento narys Stasys Jakeliūnas, Stumbras, Europos Parlamento narys Šarūnas Birutis, Tildė IT, TradeDoubler, Turizmo plėtros institutas, UVS, Vilniaus miesto ir apskrities verslininkų darbdavių konfederacija, Žinių ekonomikos forumas.